Where I’m coming from -  "Then + Now"

Tim Grant –

I grew up in the '70s on the Gaspé Peninsula in Northeastern Québec, cutting firewood and pulp logs on a woodlot my Grandfather acquired from the Canadian Government as part of the World War One land grants to veterans. As a carpenter, he cut from the same woodlot, through his life, what was needed to heat and build a home. This included a second story woodshop where cabinets, doors & windows were made by hand.

In the '80s Dad and I began cutting with a chainsaw mill & drying lumber from sugar maple, black spruce, ash & birch logs. We had a healthy stash of air-dried boards in outbuildings at our homestead on the York River in Gaspé. Dad had a small furniture restoration business right up until his passing in 2010, which he pursued as his humble retirement pastime, furthering another generation of woodworkers.

Not surprisingly, working with wood quickly became a natural ability for me.

Growing up rural gave way to new modern perspectives through 20 years of working in local furniture shops and a decade of building modern homes and interiors in Vancouver, Tokyo and New York. 

I have consistently maintained a humble, hands on approach to wood joinery and finishing detail, always in relationship to a broad array of building design, structural and spatial elements.  In this way I have developed a clarity and passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional solid wood well into the realm of modern furniture design.

WoodReform is committed to this accomplishment through putting an edge into living wood with the warmth and skill of the human hand. 

Our designs are purposed for the 21st Century Modernist - True to Form Furniture made without such a carbon footprint.


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