WoodReform Designs   cuts into the surface of wood, bringing about the exclusive fingerprint of 21st Century Modern furniture.

Spiked Red cedar stool

Spiked Red cedar stool

Solid Wood provides for a much needed balance and elegance in today’s modern dwelling environments.  

Our relationship with wooden furniture reflects what is truly essential for living.

WoodReform asks the question:

With so many recycled, reused, reclaimed, repurposed and ecologically responsible furniture designs available, are all the friendly claims toward sparing our environment really sustainable?

Or is our footprint actually still bigger than our boot?

At WoodReform, we believe a great design resides in the simple truths of the material.

Our responsibility is to the conception of permanent and useable items of furniture which are not over-processed. Every item is handcrafted from solid wood, with a clear goal of eternal usefulness.

Each piece is truly Not For Consumption, and is skillfully designed to last through the generations.


Our Refinement process of wood involves an exhaustive approach that presumes firstly limited supply of materials, with added emphasis on the human technique…Then, consideration is given to the grain & structure. Joinery is executed with skill using basic machinery and hand tools. The design process is completed with special attention to the finishing detail, texture and colour of each piece…with the highest quality hardware and custom accents applied.

The result is a pleasing, one of a kind collection of True to Form belongings for practical modern use in the 21st Century.

Our sense is for a Re-Formed vision of what is really needed rather than to further push the boundaries of what is already fully useful.

WoodReform Designs… Refined and Absolute, Not For Consumption.

Workshop visits may be arranged by appointment.

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